Precision Laboratories Launches Vivax Soil Surfactant

Precision Laboratories announces the introduction of Vivax™, a new advanced technology soil surfactant for use on large turf areas like golf course fairways and sports fields..

Vivax gives superintendents and turf managers the ability to optimize hydration and infiltration of water across a wide range of soil and turf types. Its unique, multi-component formulation promotes initial infiltration into hard to wet soils or other hydrophobic barriers and optimizes hydration for thorough distribution of water throughout the soil profile.

“Vivax takes the guesswork out of selecting a surfactant,” says Don Spier, vice president of professional turf business at Precision Laboratories. “Along with the optimized infiltration and hydration balance of Vivax, it also contains polymers that help resist microbial breakdown and that ensure uniform volumetric water content throughout the turfgrass root zone for longer periods of time.”

In field trials conducted by the University of California Riverside, an application of 5 ounces of Vivax, applied every 28 days to a designated plot of turf, resulted in higher volumetric water content than the untreated check.

“Most golf courses strive to maintain a volumetric water content of 15 to 20% throughout the root zone,” explains Spier. “Vivax will help them achieve those levels to produce the best playing surfaces.”

2013 field trials at over 20 golf courses across the United States yielded consistent results throughout the growing season. Superintendents involved in testing programs realized better turf color and quality versus comparative treatments.

“Vivax represents the start of an exciting new product pipeline at the company,” says Rick Wohlner, president of Precision Laboratories. “The marketplace will continue to see new innovations in water management products from Precision Laboratories for a long time to come.”

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