Research Shows BioSafe Product AzaGuard Effective Against Leaf Miners in Ornamentals

April 13, 2016 – Leaf Miners are difficult pests to manage in greenhouse production of ornamental plants. Leaf Miner adults lay eggs in plant tissue and the larvae feeds and develops within the leaf, causing considerable damage.

At BioSafe Systems we’re constantly striving to provide sustainable and effective solutions to real world issues that affect our customers and growers. In June 2014, we initiated a lab study to assess the efficacy of our OMRI listed and EPA approved product AzaGuard to prove that this insecticide/nematicide is effective in managing leaf miners on greenhouse ornamentals.

The experimental design consisted of a number of Gerbera Daisy’s being held until leaf miners reached a level of about five mines per leaf. There were 15 different treatments applied and a water control, each replicated six times. Weekly sampling of all treatments continued until July 30, 2014.

The study identified AzaGuard as an effective option in controlling Leaf Miners on ornamentals. AzaGuard was one of the few products that provided excellent leaf miner control, reducing leaf miners to fewer than five mines per leaf by the second week of the trial.
For more information on AzaGuard and a copy of the lab study conducted by the University of California, please call 1.888.273.3088.
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