SonicSolutions and AlgaeControl.US Announce a Partnership for Exclusive Distribution of Hydro Bio-Science® product line

The Hydro Bio-Science® Product line offers the largest and most advanced ultrasound unit in the market for non-chemical algae control

SonicSolutions LLC, based in Northampton, MA has partnered with AlgaeControl.US LLC, a Charleston, SC based company, to distribute the world’s largest and most powerful ultrasound transducer for non-chemical algae control.

The patent pending Hydro Bio-Science® product line, manufactured by Diversified Power International, a Piney Flats, TN manufacturing facility, includes two models, Quattro-DB® and *Mezzo-DB®, and provide over 2,000 frequencies in one transducer head. The algae control range can reach of up to 120 acres of coverage for blue-green algae with a single unit.

Ultrasound technology has been in use for non-chemical algae control since the late 1990’s, and has quickly grown in popularity among municipalities, golf courses, wineries and many more industries as an alternative to chemical algae control.

George Hutchinson, CTO and Executive Vice President states “the partnership between AlgaeControl.US LLC and SonicSolutions LLC brings together over 30 years of combined knowledge and expertise for non-chemical solutions to algae control. AlgaeControl.US LLC has always promoted the Trifectaâ„¢ approach, which include three tools-in-the-toolbox for eliminating algae in affected bodies of water “ bacteria, aeration and ultrasound. Partnering with SonicSolutions LLC and merging our teams to grow our customer service and sales base makes sense. We are proud to be manufactured in the US and pride ourselves in our commitment to our worldwide customers to provide the most cost effective non-chemical approach to algae prevention and control.

SonicSolutions LLC is excited to partner with George at AlgaeControl.US LLC to promote and distribute the Hydro Bio-Science® product line. The *Quattro-DB® and *Mezzo-DB® are the only products on the market worldwide with the advanced technology, patent-pending dual bandwidth frequency range and coverage area that these units include. We look forward to continuing to educate customers about the benefits of using a non-chemical approach to algae control and helping to reduce environmental damage caused by consistent chemical usage”, says Dana G. Taylor, president SonicSolutions Algae Control, LLC.

The *Quattro-DB® is a state-of-the-art device by Hydro Bio-Science® for algae and biofilm control. The Quattro (4 Directional) – DB (Dual Bandwidth) offers features not found before in these types of devices. A radial sound output is achieved with two piezo sound emitters that can operate in two different bandwidths for better control of green algae and diatoms in the lower bandwidth and blue-green algae in the higher bandwidth, all accomplished with one device.

The device works in harmony with aquatic wildlife (fish and animals), aquatic plants, bio-solids and planktonic organisms other than algae. Since the device can control biofilm formation on cleaned surfaces, you may notice surfaces near the device remain clean for long periods after being initially cleaned. This is due to inhibiting anaerobic bacterial colonization due to their sensing the ultrasonic signature as water turbulence. Fungi (eg. Pythium) and bacteria with gas vesicles will also be controlled by the device by causing them to lose buoyancy.

The device creates ultrasonic frequencies that cover two important bandwidth areas where algae can be controlled via critical structural resonance similar to the way a crystal glass can be broken by the right sound pitch. Ultrasound works as the force to cause these internal vibrations in algae cells or in organelles inside the algae cells that disable them.

The new company will be merging the two names, and will move forward as SonicSolutions Algae Control, LLC. The company headquarters is located in Northampton, MA, with a sales and technology office in Charleston, SC. Dana G Taylor is named as the president of SonicSolutions Algae Control, LLC, while George Hutchinson will take on the role of CTO & Executive Vice President. Devon Assael will move into the position of Vice President Sales & Marketing and Merle L Taylor is Treasurer.

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