Toro Introduces Lynx® 7.0 Central Control System

Improved operating system provides robust features around precision, speed and dependability

RIVERSIDE, California (February 5, 2019) — Toro introduces the innovative Lynx® 7.0 Central Control system to provide superintendents with a number of features, including improved monitoring functionality and a host of enhanced diagnostic capabilities. With an emphasis on continuous improvement, this update represents Toro’s 14th iteration of the operating system since Lynx Central Control’s initial release in 2010.

In terms of added functionality, Lynx 7.0 now offers seamless compatibility with Lynx Smart Modules, and can automatically identify individual smart modules after the initial installation process, ultimately saving the superintendent considerable time. The new system also offers runtime controls to the second and measures inputs to 1/100th of an inch, delivering unprecedented precision when it comes to controlling irrigation systems. All new Toro hardware platforms support run times to the second, whereas comparable systems can only offer runtime controls to the nearest minute.

Lynx 7.0 also features key enhancements in terms of diagnostics. The upgraded operating system can retrieve voltage and amperage data, which is crucial to understanding the overall health of the irrigation system. Deciphering diagnostic information is also streamlined when using the new express mode. This simple and efficient process means that superintendents are able to interpret information to forecast and predict potential system issues earlier.

“This new control system is by far the most robust and user-friendly system available for golf course irrigation today,” said Paul Standerfer, product manager, golf central controls for Toro. “These updates were made based on feedback from Toro end-users who work with these systems every day, and we’re confident that the latest version of Lynx Central Control will simplify their daily processes.”

Some of the new features based on end-user feedback include interval day control to easily designate active and non-active days, enhanced map functionality, and intuitive controls for an extremely user-friendly interface. As with previous updates, Lynx 7.0 is easily upgradeable, allowing for the incorporation of new versions and functionality, and works seamlessly with Lynx Smart Modules that can automatically identify the Lynx Central Control version being used. Lynx 7.0 will be available this spring. For more information about Lynx 7.0, please visit the website or contact your local Toro distributor.

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