Turf Connections Launches New Website

Turf Connections

Turf Connections, a premier sod producer of natural grass throughout North Carolina and South Carolina, announces the launch of a completely redesigned website at The new website was developed to serve as a lawn care informational resource as well as to educate homeowners and landscapers on the benefits of the zoysia, bermudagrass, and fescue turfgrass sod grown at the firm’s four Carolinas sod farm locations.

Turf Connections grows four varieties of natural turfgrass sod:

  •  Low-Mow Cavalier Zoysia: Fine textured and beautiful, yet low maintenance. You hardly ever have to mow Low-Mow Cavalier Zoysia. That’s why we call it the Almost Never Mow Grass!™
  • Palisades Zoysia: A medium-textured and durable grass, it’s great for families with kids and dogs.
  • TifWay 419 Bermudagrass: Great for sports fields, golf courses, and home lawns, it has a fine texture and stands up to wear.
  • Tall Fescue: Charlotte’s favorite home lawn, Turf Connections Tall Fescue blend stays green all year, and creates a thick, dense lawn that stands up to drought and disease.

Visit to learn more about lawn care maintenance and the benefits of natural grass. Turf Connections offers delivery and can arrange for sod installation.

The new Turf Connections website was developed by the turfgrass marketing experts at What’s Your Avocado? Marketing & Public Relations.

About Turf Connections

Turf Connections is the premier sod provider serving North Carolina, South Carolina, and the surrounding parts of Virginia, Georgia, and Tennessee. Turf Connections grows high-quality sod and sprigs from four Carolinas farm locations. The team at Turf Connections helps clients find the perfect turf for their needs from among several varieties of Tall fescue, zoysiagrass, and bermudagrass, including Turf Connections Low Mow Cavalier Zoysia, Turf Connections Palisades Zoysia, Turf Connections Tall Fescue, and Turf Connections TifWay 419 Bermudagrass. Turf Connections grows, delivers and installs high-quality turf for golf courses, sports fields, and home lawns. For more information, visit or (800) 679-2691

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