Turflux and Raven Announce New Strategic Partnership Marketing GPS Satellite Control Systems for Spray Vehicles in Golf And Turf Market (Nov 4)

November 4, 2014 – Both private and public golf courses have been under immense pressure to increase the aesthetics / playability of their course, while controlling costs, and becoming even better environmental stewards. NOW they can do all three by upgrading to proven technology built on equipment manufactured and developed by Raven Industries in their agricultural market. Turflux, LLC is marketing this “one-stop” system for conversions of existing equipment or as an upgrade on new sprayer purchases where the cost of installation is recovered by the reduction in chemicals over a relatively short period of time.

The more than 15,000 golf courses in North America now have a one-stop solution to implement highly accurate sub-inch satellite control with one-time static mapping and individual nozzle control to apply chemicals and pesticides only where they are needed. Raven Industries and Turflux, LLC have entered into an agreement to exclusively market these systems using Raven Field Computer and Slingshot® RTK technology to golf courses in North America.

“We are excited to partner with Raven Industries given their strength and name recognition in the golf course maintenance market,” said Tim Fitzgerald, President of Turflux. “The systems offered by Turfluxare built on proven Raven products and can be game changing in an industry that is judged by quality but desperately looking for cost control.”

“Raven is proud to have a partner like Turflux that will take our product line into this market,” said Denton Schwiesow, Key Initiative Manager for Raven. “The ROI on adopting this technology on a golf course is, in many cases, much greater than the agriculture industry, due to the high costs per acre associated with turf care products.”

About Turflux, LLC: Turflux was formed in early 2014 by Tim Fitzgerald, Andy Billing, and Mark Luffy from their experience and knowledge of technology already developed in the agricultural market by Raven Industries, and converting standard golf course spray vehicles to use GPS Satellite technology. The purpose of Turflux has been to solve the puzzle of putting together all the components needed so a golf course can provide better quality turf, save money, and become even better environmental stewards. To achieve our purpose, we focus on the way our systems are used in a golf course operation and build an all-inclusive solution for a customer’s one-source option. Visit for more information.

About Raven Industries, Inc: Since 1956, Raven Industries has designed and manufactured high quality, high-value technical products. Raven is publicly traded on NASDAQ (RAVN) and has earned an international reputation for innovation, product quality, high performance, and unmatched service. Raven’s purpose is to solve great challenges in areas of safety, feeding the world, energy independence, and resource preservation. To realize this purpose, we utilize our strengths in engineering, manufacturing, and technological innovation to serve the precision agriculture, high performance specialty films, aerospace, and electronic manufacturing services markets. Visit for more information.

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