Vertex Aquatic Solutions Announces Oxygen Saturation Technology

Vertex Aquatic Solutions

Vertex Aquatic Solutions announced the launch of Oxygenation Saturation Technology (OST) to eliminate golf course lake anoxia while preserving stratification. The side-stream saturation technology manages anoxia by pumping low dissolved oxygen (DO) water from a golf course lake, canal, or lagoon, saturate it with oxygen and return the water.

A ubiquitous characteristic of eutrophic lakes and reservoirs is oxygen demand in the bottom waters that exceed available oxygen stored in the bottom waters during stratification.  As a result, bottom waters remain anoxic for a significant portion of the year leading to nutrient recycling, harmful algae blooms, habitat loss, fish kills, odors, and decline in water clarity. This method of OST of adding oxygen is quantifiable, allowing for any specified concentration of dissolved oxygen to be maintained based on water depth, temperature, and salinity.

“At Vertex, we are always looking into innovation and new technologies to bring in new ways and enhanced solutions to our customers for their current needs,” said David Helt, President at Target Specialty Products, “We are pleased to announce that Vertex Aquatic Solutions along with their partner Gantzer Water LLC, has developed a new patent-pending Oxygenation Saturation Technology, based on side-stream saturation technology.”

Vertex, a provider of the highest quality of golf course pond and lake products,  focuses on bringing to market products that are environmentally sustainable, that enhance aquatic ecosystems and reduce chemical use. With an earth-friendly focus, Vertex treats many types of water challenges.

“Vertex is excited to launch the release of the Oxygen Saturation Technology,” said Patrick Goodwin, Aquatic Resource Scientist for Vertex Aquatic Solutions. “This breakthrough technology is going to change the way we manage anoxia and improve golf course lake water quality drastically.”

This system is a fraction of the price of traditional oxygen saturation systems but still maintains the quality of materials and deliverables. The new patented Vertex OST is equipped with a water pump specified for either freshwater or saltwater, oxygen dissolution chambers, a bubble capturing system (BCS) to off-gas unwanted nitrogen, and plumbing. The system has been designed to deliver the full capacity of oxygen generated at the lowest possible electrical cost. This high oxygen water is injected via an energy-dissipating header (EDH) into the bottom waters of a lake or canal, where it will move through natural dispersion throughout the entire density layer. Injected oxygen behaves like coloring dye where it moves throughout the density layer shortly after injection. There are no bubbles made and no mixing to disturb bottom sediments or compromise the natural thermal structure of a golf course lake. This system allows the oxygen concentration in water and, more importantly, at the sediment interface to be far greater than what traditional aeration could provide, making it the best oxygenation system on the market.

For additional information on Vertex Aquatic Solutions, please visit  Vertex Aquatic Solutions at  or follow them on FacebookTwitterYouTube and LinkedIN.

About Vertex Aquatic Solutions

For over 30 years Vertex Aquatic Solutions has been a leader in water quality products. Vertex designs and manufactures the highest quality pond and lake products including aquatic aeration, fountain, weed bubble curtains, and water enhancement products. Our team of aquatic biologists, research and fisheries scientists and engineers work together to deliver environmentally sound solutions to the most difficult pond and lake issues. To ensure you get the best results we offer our network of dealers high-level consulting on optimal oxygenation and lake management. Superior materials, advanced engineering, and attention to detail ensure our pond and lake products are built for rugged dependability. For additional information, visit us at

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