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Aquatrols unveils new digital home with revamped website Launched on Dec. 1, the new website serves as a central information hub for Aquatrols’ distributors, industry partners and end-users.

Visitors to the new will be able to quickly access product information and sales collateral, as well as product-specific research and seasonal promotions with just a few clicks. The new website places an emphasis on visual content with special attention paid to the mobile experience. For the first time, mobile visitors can access the full from their tablet or handheld device anywhere in the world.

The new website also taps into Aquatrols’ growing social media audience with blog posts and social feeds displayed prominently on the homepage. The goal is to create a two-way conversation that strengthens Aquatrols’ relationships with its growing customer base.

“As Aquatrols continues to grow, it is vital for us to communicate effectively with our new and existing customers,” Aquatrols COO Matthew Foster said. “This beautiful new website will go a long way in showing the world who we are and what we are going to accomplish in the years to come.”

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