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Buffalo Turbine has been manufacturing turbine style debris blowers since 1945, which are made, using high-precision machined components resulting in long-lasting dependable products. These turbine units are being used worldwide by thousands of golf courses. Buffalo Turbine’s product line allows companies to allocate employees to tasks that are usually unable to be addressed because of a lack of man power and time, improving the overall aesthetic appeal of the final product. The diverse product line provides customers with the ability to choose a product that best suits their application and various budgets. If you are ready to start making quick work of tasks that would normally cost your company more time and effort, now is the time to check out Buffalo Turbine!

Buffalo Turbine has continued to strive for industry progression. Examples include, the first self-contained tow behind turbine debris blower, first PTO turbine blower, first wirelessly controlled rotation nozzle, first to apply specific nozzle configurations, and the first turbine style sprayer.

In 2015, Buffalo Turbine has introduced yet another industry first. The new BT-KB5 EFI tow behind turbine blower is the first electronically fuel injected (EFI) tow behind turbine debris blower. The BT-KB5 will offer Kohler’s 26.5 HP EFI Engine.

With growing fuel costs and heightened awareness of environmental impact, Kohler’s EFI engine has been designed for up to 20% more fuel efficient than current carbureted engines in use. This efficiency will have less environmental impact, and help reduce operating costs.

Competitors have advertised wireless start/stop functions in the past, but fail to mention that an operator must still physically walk over to the machine and choke the carbureted engine prior to starting. Along with existing wireless nozzle and throttle controls, the BT-KB5 EFI will offer the first truly wireless start/stop function without the need for the operator to choke the engine prior to starting. The new BT-KB5 EFI is just another example of Buffalo Turbine’s continued passion for the creation of innovative and high quality turbine blower products. Buffalo Turbine’s progressive mentality is just one of many reasons it remains an industry leader in turbine debris blowers.

The Cyclone KB4 is the still the most popular and versatile turbine style debris blower in its class. The CKB5EFI is not replacing the CKB4; it is simply another option for customers.

Over the years, competition has introduced products similar to the CKB4. Buffalo Turbine wants its customers to know that if it doesn’t say Buffalo Turbine, It’s not a Buffalo Blower! Buffalo Turbine has continued to adapt and improve the variety of blowers it’s been making over the 70 years and doesn’t want customers buying a second class product. Although the CKB4 is the most popular machine, there are many more products, both more and less powerful. The Mega blower and the Cyclone Squared units are a couple of the most powerful turbine blowers in the industry with 37hp engines. These units are perfect for large clean up jobs, making these jobs much quicker and easier to accomplish. The Cyclone PTO only requires 20hp at the PTO and is the lightest (240lbs.), most powerful turbine style PTO driven debris blower in the industry. The Hydraulic unit is very popular among municipalities and sports facilities, includes a quick attach bracket to skid steers. The Cyclone 8000 was designed with the homeowner and landscaper in mind. This unit is built tough and strategically priced to fit most budgets.

Please contact the office at 716-592-2700 with any questions or interest in our different products. Check out the website for more information Also visit us on Facebook and twitter @buffaloturbine

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