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Foley Company Acquires Air2G2

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Foley Company is excited to announce the acquisition of Air2G2, the industry leader of the soil air-injection process based in Jacksonville, FL, effective October 31, 2020.

Air2G2 was founded in Northeast Florida by Glen Black in 2010. Air2G2 is the manufacturer of the Air2G2 336, Air2HP, Air2GO and Air2G2 436R products. Air2G2 products are sold worldwide to premier customers in the sports turf, turf & recreation and golf course industries making Air2G2 the global leader in air-injection and soil decompaction solutions.

Paul Rauker, President & CEO of Foley Company has said “Glen (Black) is a pioneer and innovator in air-injection and soil decompaction technology. Glen and his team have developed industry leading solutions that allow for turf facilities around the globe to reduce their water usage and costs by increasing water absorption rates, strengthening root systems, and reducing the hardness of the turf surface. These are only a few of the great solutions that led us to bring Air2G2 into the Foley Company family and we thank Glen for this opportunity.”

Greg Turner, Global Sales Director of Foley Company added, “By partnering with Glen and Air2G2, Foley can now provide innovative solutions both below (Air2G2) and above (Foley Grinders) the turf surface.”

About Foley Company

Foley Company is located in Prescott, WI and has set the industry standard for design and manufacturing of reel, bedknife and rotary blade sharpening equipment since 1926. Learn more about our innovative grinder/sharpening products and distribution information at

About Air2G2

The Air2G2 relieves compaction, increases porosity and enhances respiration by laterally injecting air into the soil profile with minimal surface disruption. Based in Jacksonville, FL, the Air2G2 product line is designed and manufactured in the USA. To learn more about Air2G2 visit

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