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Golf Ventures Now Distributes Sunniland Fertilizers

Golf Ventures Inc. has signed a distribution agreement with Sunniland Corporation to market the company’s professional-use fertilizers in their Florida and Caribbean markets. “Sunniland manufactures high quality greens-grade, bulk use, and custom-blend fertilizers, including advanced slow-release fertilizers that have environmental benefits,” said Glen Thompson, Golf Ventures’ Sales Manager. “This partnership gives us a reliable, service-oriented source for fertilizers to offer our golf course and sports turf clients.

Located in Central Florida, Sunniland Corporation is one of the country’s oldest, family-owned fertilizer companies, with a 133-year history. “What we lacked, Golf Ventures has: a proven sales force,” said Professional Turf Sales Manager Billy Griffith. “Their strength in golf courses and sports turf is what we needed to market our products more widely. We have a large retail operation, so we already have forklift-equipped trucks on the road every day and an efficient delivery operation.

Thompson and Griffith agree that the two companies’ commitment to customer service is an important part of the agreement. Golf Ventures and Sunniland Corporation are established leaders in their industries, with reputations for quality and service. “We want to do business with vendors who offer good products but are also good people,” said Thompson. Griffith added, “We communicate well, which makes a workable partnership. We’re thrilled with the agreement.”

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