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Our Hydrosorb Inc. division was launched in 1999 to address new and diverse challenges in industries beyond our current Aqua Ben customer base. Hydrosorb Inc. now brings that same high-quality chemistry, professionalism, and service to the golf and agriculture industries.

Together, Aqua Ben and Hydrosorb bring the knowledge of over four decades to address water-related and land management challenges. Whether you need to stop losing water by sealing a leak in your earthen pond, lake, or irrigation ditch, or if you’d like your greens greener and your shrinking water budget stretched further, follow the leaders and turn to Aqua Ben and Hydrosorb for your solutions.

“We have a small team of dedicated professionals who pride themselves on putting our customers first. We’re committed, our customers are “partners”, not just “profits” explains Jeff Wallace, General Manager of both Aqua Ben and Hydrosorb. “With a nationwide distribution network and FOB points on both coasts, the mid-west and in the south, we’ve got you covered”, explains Wallace, “and” he adds, “our commitment is backed by technical expertise”.

Soilfloc works! We have a large pond that was constructed with the golf course in 1998 and has not held water from day one. In 2012 ownership changed hands and the owner was wanting it to retain water. In 2015 it was cleaned out and reshaped. We were able to slow down the loss of water, but we were still losing a foot a week. In 2016 we were given the recommendation from a golfer to contact Sandra at Aqua Ben to inquire about Soilfloc. Our expectations were iffy at best since we were told our soil type did not have enough clay to seal. Our other options were using Bentonite clay or a poly liner and both costlier then we were wanting to invest. We applied Soilfloc per Sandra’s recommendation in the spring of 2017 with the understanding that 2 applications may be needed because of the amount of water loss we were experiencing. After the first application I am happy to say we have a pond that has retained 50 % of its capacity thru out the summer and winter of 2017. Our plans are to fill the pond to capacity and apply a second application this year 2018 to see if we can improve our water retention even more. I must say I feel we have the worst-case scenario as far as soil quality to retain water and we now have water for a fraction of the cost of our other options. The water adds to the aesthetic view of our golf course which is what the owner intentions were. Thank you SOILFLOC!! Ron Lucas Oil Golf Course English IN.

Their enthusiasm about their products is almost palpable, “Soilfloc Sealant is hands down the best earthen pond sealant in the world. Our success rates are “off the charts” says Sandra Miller, the company’s pond sealing guru. “Every day I get to help people restore a dream or as is the case with golf courses, a very valuable asset”.

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Passionate about saving water, this company sets out to help you do just that. When asked about Soilfloc GC, they explained “Our products hold water in the soil longer, extending the time for uptake and utilization. When you reduce leaching of nutrients and pesticides, the savings compound, meaning substantial savings across the board, including utility costs, they reduced water usage by 10% at the beginning of the applications and 17% by the end of the first season, that amounted to over $90K in savings”.

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