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Nufarm introduces Q-Ball

Q-Ball herbicide
Nufarm Americas has introduced the new Q-Ball herbicide to control crabgrass and other summer weed escapes, including clover, dandelion, dollarweed, foxtail, kikuyugrass, signalgrass, speedwell and torpedo grass. Q-Ball works quickly to eliminate some of the most unsightly and troublesome turfgrass weeds.
Q-Ball’s innovative water-based formula delivers maximum stability and tank mixing compatibility with most surfactants and post-emergent herbicides such as Escalade 2 and Triplet SF. Additionally, Q-Ball offers an option for low volume ride-on sprayers as it is labeled for application down to 10 gallons per acre. A simple one-use rate controls a broad spectrum of grassy weeds while providing excellent versatility and application value.

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