Providing Above-Par Fountains for Over 40 Years

Air-O-Lator Northstar

Air-O-Lator’s aerators and fountains have kept golf course ponds looking beautiful and healthy for over 40 years. The company’s eco-friendly, high-performance fountains are engineered to conserve water and improve water quality, and they’re easy to install. So, it’s no wonder they’ve been a top pick of superintendents for years.

CEO Roy Watkins and his team of aeration experts work with customers worldwide to provide products that improve water quality and beautification while maintaining environmental responsibility. Air-O-Lator manufactures aerators and fountains that keep the water clean, healthy, and sustainable through natural aeration practices.

“We’ve worked with golf course superintendents, parks and recreation departments, irrigation professionals, and others to keep ponds and lakes used for watering purposes clean and healthy,” said Watkins.

Clear Water, Greener Grass

“The biggest issue we see on the green is actually whether the water can stay clear,” Watkins said. Harmful chemicals often used to treat turf can create unhealthy ecosystems for ponds and lakes on golf courses. Plus, chemicals can be expensive.

“Clean water means greener grass,” Watkins said. “For golf courses, it’s all about having that beautiful turf. But you can’t maintain that if you don’t have a clean irrigation or aeration system for the water that you have on the course.”
Water on golf courses can become contaminated with lawn care chemicals, debris from storms, or just the traffic of people enjoying the game. The healthiness of the water on a golf course directly influences the grass, wildlife, and entire ecosystem. Fountains and aerators are essential applications for adding oxygen to the body of water keeping the water healthy.

According to Watkins, the aerators, diffusers, and fountains residing on golf courses must provide enough water volume in the atmosphere to benefit or improve the oxygen levels and water quality.

Air-O-Lator Bluehill Legacy
Air-O-Lator Bluehill Legacy

Ready to Play

Thankfully, the Air-O-Lator team designed the Font ‘N-Aire line with golf courses in mind. With floating decorative and aerating fountains engineered to improve water quality, these decorative fountains utilize a centrifugal pump that pulls liquid from the bottom of large and small bodies of water, then pushes water through a column creating beautiful spray patterns. The Font ‘N-Aire line has proven to be the standard for many golf courses because of its eco-friendly motor, multiple spray patterns, a flow reduction disc, a timer, and a one-year warranty.

“When it comes to choosing the best fountain for your golf course, consider its location, the elements it will encounter, the depth of the water, the space it inhabits, and the maintenance it requires,” said Watkins. These choices of fountains in the Font ‘N-Aire line are:

  • Nu-Wave: Our Nu-Wave fountain is a no-fuss fountain. It does not require electricity entering into the water and is ideal for shallow water. There are various spray patterns to choose from, so this is ideal for a beautiful, low-maintenance, cost-effective fountain.
  • Legacy: The Legacy fountain is an excellent choice for bodies of water that are smaller or more shallow. It’s a versatile display fountain that can easily be modified for small spaces.
  • Ready: If a fountain is the crowning glory of your golf course, and you need something dramatic, the Ready fountain is for you. This is an excellent fountain for 1-acre lakes, and Ready fountains can also occupy a large lake or pond when used in multiples, providing a dynamic display.
  • Platinum: This fountain is for those who want to go all out. The Platinum is a decorative fountain designed to aerate bodies of water using eco-friendly, high-performance technology that conserves water while improving quality. Available in 2-5 Horsepower, the Platinum fountain aerates the water below, floats on the top of your pond, and comes with multiple spray patterns.

Adaptable through the Seasons

From solar-powered fountains to adaptable add-ons allowing fountains to be used year-round, to aerators that help fish and water life thrive, Air-O-Lator fountains provide innovative and sustainable water solutions for any application.
To schedule a consultation, order online, or learn more, visit, call 1-800-821-3177, or email

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