Upgrade Your Fountains This Spring

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As golf courses are on pause this spring, now’s the time for superintendents to walk the grounds and prepare water features for when guests can return.

All golf courses shine a little brighter with water features. Air-O-Lator’s fountains keep water healthy and moving on hot summer days, are equipped for a variety of water depths, and can be powered by sunlight. Plus, you can go all out and light up your fountains with nighttime displays controlled with Bluetooth technology.

Whether you already have a fountain on your property, or you are using this time to add a water feature, we’ve broken down the best fountains for your golf course, options for upgrading your fountains, and tips for maintaining their splendor through the spring and summer months.

Choosing the Best Fountains for Your Golf Course

When it comes to choosing the best fountain for your golf course, consider its location, the elements it will encounter, the depth of the water, the space it inhabits, and the maintenance it requires.

  • Nu-Wave: Air-O-Lator’s Nu-Wave fountain is a no-fuss fountain. It does not require electricity entering into the water, and is ideal for shallow water. This is a perfect choice if you’re looking for a low-maintenance fountain that looks pretty and is cost-effective.
  • Ready: If a fountain is the crowning glory of your course, the Air-O-Lator Font N’Aire Ready fountain is for you. This is an excellent fountain for shallow water, and many Ready fountains can occupy a larger lake or pond.
  • Legacy: The Font N’ Aire Legacy fountain is an excellent pick for bodies of water that are smaller or deeper. It’s a versatile display fountain that can easily be modified for smaller spaces.
  • Platinum: The Platinum fountain is for those who want to go all out. The Platinum is a decorative fountain designed to aerate bodies of water using eco-friendly, high-performance technology that conserves water while improving water quality.

Upgrading Your Fountain

Air-O-Lator Bluehill Legacy

Air-O-Lator Bluehill Legacy

Adding touches to your fountain and pushing its capabilities will not only help it to work better for you but also provide a dynamic display from dawn to dusk.

Go Solar

With the use of Franklin Electric Motors’ submersible variable speed motors and the Franklin Electric “Fhoton” Solar Drive, Air-O-Lator now offers solar-powered products. The new solar system harnesses sun rays to operate aerators, de-icers, fountains, and Enterprise units using a unique Franklin Electric Motor and DC to AC converter. This allows fountains to charge throughout the day and then be ready to run during the cooler hours of the evening.

Light up Your Waterscape

As temperatures climb, best practices dictate running fountains at night to conserve energy. But how will people see it? Add a soft display of white lights by purchasing a rock bottom add-on that holds a light kit.

Air-O-Lator light kits are available in soft white or red, blue, or green color lenses. Upgrade your light kits with a Bluetooth kit that allows you to change the light colors on your fountain via an app on your phone.

With lights, fountains, and phone in-sync, your fountains will quickly become an entertaining and pleasant addition to any nighttime water feature.

Maintaining Your Fountains

Air-O-Lator Northstar

Air-O-Lator Northstar

Whether you’re new to owning a fountain or checking off your seasonal tasks, spring is a prime time to check in on your fountains before they go on full display in the summer.

Remove Debris and Manage Algae

One of the biggest concerns of every summer season is algae. Get ahead of algae growth by removing pond debris, clearing your pond with a net, and cleaning and washing your fountain. This will help your fountain and aerators run better without the risk of debris affecting productivity.

Watch out for algae and debris that get into or grows on your body of water from storms. Algae grow on stagnant bodies of water and can suffocate the oxygen out of the body of water.

Debris management is a must to ensure proper operation and longevity of your aerators and fountains. Air-O-Lator does offer a debris screen for both the aerators and fountains.

Inspect Your Fountain

Clean and inspect your fountain for nicks and wear, paying particular attention to the power cable attached to your fountain. Consistently monitor the water levels. Examine the clarity of your water and check for insufficient oxygen levels. Watch for visible signs of unhealthy water, such as a presence of algae, odor, or sediment build-up.

Order Replacement Parts or Your Fountain Online

Since it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to shop in-store at a dealer, order your fountain, upgrade pieces, or replacement parts online.

After you’ve inspected your fountain, consider whether you need replacement parts. Run your fountain for a while after you have cleaned it. If you do need replacement parts, submit a form request for replacement parts at or your supplier’s website.

Make the Most of a Slow Season

Sunny days are ideal for golf. However, with stay-at-home orders in place throughout the country, many golf course managers are using this opportunity to check off those maintenance items that often get pushed to the end of the list. Maintenance is an important task that should always be at the top of any to-do list, but this year, consider upgrading your facilities and turf experience so that guests are wowed when they return.

For more information visit or call 1-800-821-3177.

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