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Stump Grinder Brake Adjustment

Crary Bear Cat

I am Will with Crary Bear Cat and on today’s episode of Unleashed we will show you how to make brake adjustments to our new SG family up stump grinders.

For starters make sure the unit is on a flat surface and wheels blocked.

Steps to adjust:

  1. Disengage brake
  2. Loosen screw on side of adjustment knob on top of the brake lever
  3. Turn knob clockwise half a turn and apply brake
    Repeat procedure until desired tension is achieved. (Do not over tension brake as leverage from brake lever could overcome the screw that secures the cable and brake band.)
  4. Tighten screw on side of adjustment knob.

This completes the process of adjusting the brake on the new SG family of stump grinder.

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