A quick nine with Rob Duhm

Let’s start with some basics:
1. Where did you go to school? Michigan State University
2. What or who led or inspired you to become a superintendent? I have always enjoyed working, so becoming a golf course superintendent is a great fit for me and my career.

And more about you:
3. Are you married, single or somewhere in-between? Married
4. Do you have children, and if so, how many? No children
5. Do you have pets? 1 cat

On the job:
6. What is your biggest challenge at your golf course? The wind is the biggest challenge at Sand Valley. My biggest concern during grow-in was contamination of the fescue surrounds with bentgrass from the seed on the green. The wind is very strong here making it easy for the seed to blow off the green, contaminating the surround.
7. What do you love most about your job or your facility? I love being able to manage fine fescue fairways which are the dominant grass at Sand Valley. This turfgrass needs minimal inputs, which results in firm and fast conditions.

Off the clock:
8. What’s your best shot? During a golf lesson with my GM, Glen Murray, I chipped in from 35 yards on hole 17 at Sand Valley. This shot was very exciting, as I am not a great golfer.
9. Next, to golf and your family, what’s your favorite way to spend your free time? Taking walks with my wife Kara away from the golf course.

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