Fore: Wireless Valve Control using your Existing Irrigation Controllers

Wireless Technology has been used for many years but has not been available to the Golf Industry until 2017. Tucor, Inc. in Pittsburgh, Pa recently released, “Wireless Valve Control” in all markets and it is available and compatible with all existing Golf Irrigation Controllers.

How many times have you heard?

“I just took over this job, and I need to repair or add some irrigation control valves (valve-in-head) sprinklers, globe valves and I do not know where any of the existing wires/infrastructures are”,


“If I could get a wire or wires to an area on the course, I could vastly improve the conditions”.

Being considered the 2 Wire Pioneers in the Non-golf industries, Tucor employees bring 40+ years of Golf Course experience. Meeting and speaking with Golf Course superintendents over the past 24 months we have learned that reliable “Wireless” capabilities can help most Golf Courses today.

If you are considering any of the following projects “Wireless Control” would be a viable option:

  • Adding sprinklers or electric valves
  • Renovation of small areas
  • Wireless moisture sensors
  • Repairing valve wire that was damaged over the years
  • Adding control to your Green fans
  • Controlling water features such as aerators, circulators
  • Controlling booster pumps
  • Needing to control lighted features, etc.

We have learned many projects were rejected not because of material cost but labor cost. With any one of these projects comes construction/destruction that Board of Directors, golfers do not like to see, especially during the golfing season.

Comparison – Conventional vs. Wireless

Considered project scenario: Several years ago a Championship Tee was added on Hole number 9. Water was secured from the maintenance building, but control was not available from the Irrigation Controller 375 yards away (across a wetland designated area). Control has become vital, watering manually has created many stressful days, especially during the dry days of summer and the initial investment has been compromised when irrigation was overlooked. Consider the actual materials cost of each (conventional or wireless) may be the same?

With the Conventional method, labor will be substantially more (hours) when trying to use the existing controller as a solution. You will need approximately 1,200’ feet (times 2) of wire either trenched or vibratory plowed through the wetlands (over a bridge) creating some type of cleanup with either option.

With the wireless option, the materials will be a site survey, a Gateway at your controller and a receiver at the Sprinkler (valve-in-head) or a Globe Valve with a DC latching solenoid. Based on actual installations to date, your labor will be approximately 30 minutes at the controller and 30 minutes at each receiver, again based on actual installations to date.

Before eliminating any option based on cost, please do a 10,000’ view of each project option. By this I mean estimate your cost of doing the project the conventional way, including locating the existing wires/infrastructure, etc. securing a materials and labor cost. Then compare it to the wireless option. There may be a slight difference but remember, with the wireless solution there is minimal construction/destruction of your golf course and surrounding areas.

For more information, visit, and click on Wireless.

Wireless will be your Best Solution!

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