Better Landscape Maintenance on your Golf Course

Leaf Burrito Tote Form and 5-Footer

Leaf Burrito® is a revolutionary and safer tool that every landscaper needs for their crews. Our patented design allows the product to open flat for easy loading, and then zips closed via five heavy-duty YKK® zippers. Our bags offer you a professional and safer way of gathering and transporting landscape debris. They stack cleanly onto golf carts, utility vehicles, trucks & trailers and tremendously speeds up the loading and unloading process. Leaf Burrito replaces short-lived tarps, offers a variety of sizes for varying on-the-job needs, exceeds sustainability goals, and offers a custom-branded tool to your arsenal.

Leaf Burrito Custom Highland Creek Course
Leaf Burrito Custom Highland Creek Course

“There’s a sustainability side because it eliminates plastic bags and tarps, there’s an ergonomic side and then there’s just the professional side where you can have your landscaping company name printed on it, so you look more like a pro,” says Mataya.

  • Easy to collect grass clippings, leaves, hedge trimmings, weeds, and trash.
  • A safer way to lift heavy loads compared to tarps filled with debris
  • Unzips flat which can be used as a cover for trailer and truckloads
  • Can zip multiple Leaf Burritos together to create a larger catch area or large cover.

The seven foot commercial-sized Leaf Burrito has 10 strong handles and is designed for bigger, heavier loads. It can hold ¾ yard of mulch or six to 12 bags of leaves, and the custom mesh allows the Leaf Burrito to hold up to 800 pounds. Mataya also adds that even if the material is cut, it will not continue to tear. We also have a smaller five foot Burrito for lighter loads and a tote for tight spaces, weeding, and companion to our Burritos.

“We placed additional handles for easier and safer use for the bigger Burrito to make it more ergonomic,” says Lauri Eberhart with Leaf Burrito. “We want to provide a safer more ergonomic and professional way for landscaping golf course grounds. Our product eliminates plastic bags and tarps from unnecessarily going into our landfills.”

Our company goal is to scale to multiple “Burrito Factories” around the USA and ultimately use upcycled plastic recycling waste to create our product. Our simple construction includes sewing zippers, handles and patches, and screen printing, so we can easily create thousands of USA jobs while upcycling our existing waste resources all while supporting our great partners to Keep America Beautiful®!

For more information, please contact us at or 800-BURRITO or visit

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