New Golf Ball Tender Reduces Cup Damage and Improves Pace of Play

Golf Ball Tender

A Michigan golfer and second-generation tool maker has developed an innovative product that reduces golf ball cup damage and improves the pace of play.

The new Golf Ball Tender is beneficial to golf course superintendents and golfers alike, especially with the recent United States Golf Association (USGA) rule change that no longer penalizes putting with the flagstick in.

Larry Koning, a Holland, Mich. tool maker and plastics manufacturer, invented the Golf Ball Tender, a pliable plastic disk that attaches to the flagstick stem and rests at the bottom of the cup.

Golfers can simply lift the flagstick to retrieve the ball instead of using a putter to try to pop the ball out or jamming their hands into the cup with the flagstick still in to try to retrieve the ball—both of which can damage the cup and slow pace of play.

The Golf Ball Tender also helps protect the green from damage caused by golfers dropping the flagstick on the green and acts as a guide when replacing the pin in the hole.

“It’s just hard to get your ball out of that cup without impacting the edges,” Koning said. “Our goal with Golf Ball Tender is to help keep the cup in good condition all day long. The more you talk to superintendents, the more you hear about cups fraying as a result of players retrieving their ball with the flag still in. Golf courses that want to offer the best experience for their members and guests will want a Golf Ball Tender on every hole.”

The patent-pending Golf Ball Tender remains pliable in all conditions, easily attaches to the flagstick and will stay on the stick all season. It is available in custom colors.

Koning is president of LS Molds, an injection molding and mold-building company in Holland. He also is a prolific inventor, developing products including imitation blueberries for material handling and crafts, plastic corners for protecting certain materials and a magnetic hanger system for suspending ceilings.

Golf Ball Tender is currently available on and is being marketed to distributors and retailers. Contact for more information.

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