Otterbine Barebo, Inc. Releases New Color-Changing Lights

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Otterbine Barebo, Inc., the leading manufacturer of aerators and fountains in the pond and lake management industry released a new color-changing light set. The latest addition to the company’s Fountain-GloTM line is the Mini-RGBW two-light set that offers rich high-intensity colors in a compact low voltage energy-efficient package. This package is perfect for backyard ponds or smaller units like Otterbine’s ½ HP Fractional Series.

“Our new Mini-RGBW lights open up a whole new range of possibilities in the world of fountain lighting. We wanted to find a way to bring the rich vibrant colors of our larger lighting packages to smaller ponds,” said Carla Ott, President of Otterbine Barebo, Inc., “all while maintaining Otterbine’s high quality standards.”

These new lights come with two 4-watt emitters and a remote that allows users to control the speed, intensity, and color of the lights; while creating powerful displays with preprogrammed sequences. These sequences provide over 2,000 color options for users to choose from and can feature multiple colors or default to a single color. With the purchase of a Wifi Controller upgrade the lights can also be controlled from a smartphone.

“We wanted to make these lights as user friendly as possible. Everything is easy to use and long-lasting,” said Ott.

Otterbine’s Mini-RGBW Lights are virtually maintenance-free and backed by a three-year warranty. These lights are the perfect way to enhance a water feature’s natural beauty. For more information on the product or how to order please contact

Otterbine Barebo, Inc. has been setting industry standards in water quality management for over 60 years by combining both function and beauty with their extensive line of surface aerators, subsurface aerators, fountain lighting and giant fountains.

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